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To book an appointment for any of the services please click on the title with blue colour.

Payments indicated in EUR may be paid in HUF on your specific request.

Discuss a new cooperation, topic or project for FREE

No matter if you're a returning client, or a new one, you can discuss a new topic, case, project with us without paying any lawyers fee at all. After your booking, the reserved appointment appears in our office calendar. One of our colleagues son gets in touch with you and discusses the details to prepare the discussion for the appointment. At the selected time, you'll consult with a lawyer, who has prepared from your topic, and is ready to discuss. The goal of the discussion is to answer what results you may expect from lawyers services, to what deadline, at what expenses including lawyers fees, and whether there are any risks or alternative outcomes. 

Legal consulting

A standard legal consulting session can be held online or in person, and it focuses on a specific topic specified by the client.

Hungarian company registration

Hungarian company modification

In some cases when features of a hungarian company change, modification procedure shall be started at the company court. 

Additional services for companies

Real estate transaction

For our services you don't pay in percentage of the purchase price, but you pay proportionally for the actual lawyers services received. This makes our pricing beat the average market price (percentual) if the transaction (real estate) value is more than 50.000 EUR. 

Immigration & EU residence permit

For clients that don't have a valid hungarian residence permit at the time of application

Prolongation of hungarian residence permit

For clients that do have a valid hungarian residence permit at the time of application


Being an international law firm, we know well how useful a local helper can be in a foreign country. If you've got any legal projects, you'll need not just a lawyer, but a local person assisting you and helping you, when you hit the wall of bureucracy, or you're running around a maze of public administration not finding your direction. We provide you with an assistant, who guides you through, and supports you in any matter, like subscriptions, permissions, client page, tax number, TAJ number, address card, postal letters, public utilities, renting a flat, or acting as a translator, interpreter. Our assistants can help you infield, or through a smart phone online, any time, anywhere. Our team of assistants is selected from paralegals, trainee lawyers, who have years of experience with foreign clients, and receive air support from us.