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Company formation in low tax countries 

The first step to success is to set up your business in a country with competitive taxation. Based on evaluation of your businesses features and needs, we guide you which country to choose to set up a company, and do business remotely, and online. By trusting your company formation on us, you may save up to 50% of your annual expenditure, thanks to tax optimization and low maintenance costs.

Residence permit in the EU 

An EU residence permit offers you access to all Schengen states in Europe, from East to West and from North to South. If you're a third country citizen, we guide you in which country you'd rather obtain a residency, and we also manage the whole process for you. 

Real estate investment opportunities 

With our support, you will access the worlds most popular trending real estate markets best offers, wether you search for the best return on investment, or a dream home for your own use, or a tool to obtain a residence permit. 

Book an appointment now for consultation 

In sports, sports gear manufacturers spend millions of dollars a year to design sports gear, that make sportsmen 1% faster, jump 1% higher or be 1% lighter. In a highly competitive environment like today, 1% reduction of a disadvantage or an obstacle can be a cutting edge in winning. Just imagine: what were you capable of, if we guided you and made you 40-50% more competitive, more effective and remove 40-50% of your obstacles and disadvantages. Your business would take off like a jet plane. 

In a globalized world, states are competing for businesses, and making all efforts to be more attractive to entrepreneurs than other states. You can set up a company in any corner of the world sitting in front of your computer at home. Still, 90% of the people never get thinking outside the box, and they always remain doing their business with a company set up in the state they were born, where they grew up.  Unfortunately, this 90% of all companies end up on a plate as food for the 10% of the companies, that actually plan their business structures intelligently, and become apex predators of the company realm.

If you run a company that pays 50% tax, and you compete with a Dubai, an Estonian or U.S. company that pays absolutely 0% tax, what are the chances that you can outcompete them? In the global market, your customer will choose the product that's cheaper, about 98% of the cases. You need to switch off the auto pilot now, and get in touch with us to design a company structure in a low tax country for you, that will actually allow you to compete and win in a global arena. 

And if you think, that you don't need to get out of the box, as you only deliver to a local market, wake up, because if you're depending on a local market, and don't have presence in the global market, you can end up like an extinct specie, when the circumstances of your local market changes one day. Like an animal, that dies out, because it's only source of nutrition dies out. As an entrepreneur, you should be as adaptive as a rat, apt to survive in any environment.

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