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Dr. Detre Varga Attorney Lawyer

Managing Partner


Do you need lawyers services as a foreign citizen or company in Hungary? We are your partner.

  • company formation, freelancer and KATA registration
  • services for freelancers, KATA and companies
  • all services are available fully online
  • fluent english
  • fluent french, german, turkish, chinese and russian
  • experts in immigration law, residence permit
  • permanent residency
  • accountant partner in team
  • buying real estate safely
  • legal representation
  • tax consulting

We are your spearhead on the battlefield of law, or provide you close air support in business transactions. No matter where or when, we are on your side online, in person, the way no need it.

If you're a small business, you are creator. In no other form of enterprise is the ownership, the management and the control so integrated. It can be literally one single person. This lends an edge to small businesses, whether they are companies or freelancers. It makes them incredibly effective, they can react and adapt quickly, and respond to needs of their customers, that they usually know personally. Whether you provide B2B or B2C services, your way of doing business is personal, with a lot of invested attention and energy. We have specialized on your needs, because it's a pleasure for us to work with you. 


Small businesses rarely if ever have an in house legal department, or a lawyer employed on a monthly basis. However, administrative legal regulations for small businesses are not easier or less complex than the regulations for large companies. Therefore, it's a great responsibility to be your lawyer. One must know when to act, and how to act to handle a situation. Support in the form of availability for consulting shall be continuous. We don't have working hours as such because you, our ideal customer, don't have either. We are working when you need us to help you. Weekends, evenings, early mornings. Paying respect to each others time, we handle urgent situations urgently, and other situations in a time schedule set with you. 


Having become the number 1. law firm in Hungary for small businesses, does not mean at all, that we don't assist any foreign citizen with our expertise, that has accumulated in the past 10 years. In reality, very few law firms provide services in fluent english, and we don't just provide it in english, but also german, french, italian, turkish and chinese. We assist foreign citizens in real estate transactions, company formation, company modification, debt collection, legal representation, and virtually any matter they need assistance with. 


We've teamed up with an accounting company to provide fully online accounting services in english for small businesses. We've got contracted partners to provide companies and private persons with registered address in Hungary. We have got assistants on our team, that may be assigned to a client and assist them in whatever small every day matters they need. Our goal was, and is to be your one contact, that you can trust with as broad a range of services as possible, so you can focus on your mission, whether it be business or other. 


This approach has made us known in foreigner communities in Hungary and abroad, and today both hungarian consulates and embassies abroad, and foreign consulates and embassies in Hungary recommend us to new clients, some times even without knowing us personally. We basically don't advertise ourselves, but through recommendations from previous clients we have a growing base of clients. This is really rewarding and we are really grateful for it. We continue developping our service and add to it whatever is needed by our clients.