Detre Varga & Partners LLP. is a partnership, which means pricing of different partners may differ. 


In the course of the years we tried to come to some common principles.


Consultancy has two different pricing model, per hour or project based pricing. This two can also be mixed. 


Hourly fees of experts range between 50-500 USD (or EUR), depending on several factor, such as the individual pricing of a given expert, the number of years in the field, the rarity or value of the type of skill, and of course the details of the cooperation with a given client. As you can see, we charge 150 EUR for a paid consulting session, which is reduced to 100 EUR if you’ve got a retainer with us. The mentioned 100-150 EUR can be considered an average hourly fee.


Hourly fees are not always good. A specific service or result itself has a value for the client, not necessarily the working hours a consultant invests in it. Wether a consultant has invested 1 or 10 working hours, the value of the service is the same for the client. Therefore, whenever possible, we seek to charge you with a fixed fee, that doesn’t change based on the number of hours we’ve worked. In case of a fixed fee we take the value of our service into consideration as well. This means, that for a valuable service, we will charge you much more than the number of hours invested, simply because of the price-value ratio of our service. 


Clients always come to us with complex projects, that require expertise as well, and using some network. Obviously some elements of such a project can come with a higher price tag, than a lower tier company in our field, but if you look at the whole picture, you’ll most certainly find our pricing the best price-value ratio.


Payment terms.


In our field, we’re the element, that never changes, and that’s remaining a safe point of navigation for our clients. Therefore, we charge our clients in advance, as we don’t have issues with their trust, as they already trust us when they turn to us. Paying the whole amount up front may sound odd to clients from some countries, but we’re in the grateful position to be able to select among clients, and choose one, that can accept this term. This does not mean though, that exceptionally we don’t cut larger amounts to more installments. We try to keep our boundaries, and standards, but we also don’t want to become rigid and insist on our own rules at all costs. 


Handling money is a big responsibility. Putting a higher than average price tag on all our services is also. If you want to see the true nature and qualities of a person, and experts are no difference, you got to trust money on them. Money involved will amplify and magnify the characteristics of that person. Your trust is everything to us, as you’re our number one marketer. 90% of our clients come to us through recommendation, one like yours. If we disappoint you, we don’t just lose you, but everyone you could ever refer to us. 


Accepted currencies

As a global company started once in Europe, we charge our customers in EUR. It's not an issue though, if you wish to pay in a few other currencies, like the USD, or AED.