Detre Varga & Partners LLP. has evolved, or for the sake of our topic, been developped from an international law firm, so it's know-how and experience is sourced in large part from the decades spent in the legal industry counseling business companies in every stage of their existence. We had the opportunity to see businesses being started, operated in good times and hard times, and we saw businesses in bankruptcy, liquidation, even under criminal investigation, as the law firm also dealt with criminal defense in white collar crimes. Seeing thousands of businesses and businessmen from close proximity, a good observer destilles some lessons, and recipes for success, that we are sharing with our clients on a daily business. So yes, the word business development has kinda become a buzzword, but our angle, from which we see this domain, is unique. Not many business development consultants have the insight to thousands of businesses as an international law firm. 

We have participated in the formation and observed the operation of companies, branches, complex corporate structures in many countries, and short listed the best of them, where we do company formation services today for our clients.

We have assisted and supervised real estate transactions in many parts of the world, and still do real estate transactions and agency in the countries with the best, safest and most unique real estate markets ever.

We have helped thousands of people to obtain residence permit and passport in many countries, and shortilisted the best types of residencies, that our clients can obtain with our support.

We have created a supportive, global business and personal network, our Inner Circle, that we offer to our clients and anyone interested to join

But all these activities listed above require one element: successful businesses of successful people, so business development plays a pivotal role in our mission.

How do you wanna develop your business, after the natural stage of an organic growth?

In the beginning, most successful businesses evolve in a spontaneous, organic way. You recognize an opportunity, take your chance, make some money, and you repeat... With time, you recognize the tools that are immediately needed on a daily basis to keep the business afloat, and you source them wherever you can. Years can go by without you ever thinking about cooperating with a team like us.

Money is not the reason to contact us. Time is.

Our clients have, always had one thing in common. They don't need advice from anyone how to make money. But as time goes by, money becomes less and less the issue, because the more money they make, the easier money comes, and the less of a priority it becomes. Money offers a tool to live the life you want, but to live the life you want, you must be free, both in terms of having free time, and being independent from circumstances like location, and every issue caused by it. 

Why you wanna start a location independent business if you don't have it yet

Depending on a location, wether it is a country, a city or an office address, makes your business vulnerable, if the puppet masters of that location decide to change the rules of the game drastically. A war can break out, taxes can increase, your clients can not afford buying your stuff any more, costs can increase, or your activity can be banned or made more difficult by administrative laws. There are dozens of ways for a location independent business to fail, or get in crisis. 

People, who don't have money, are in a much more difficult situation. It's much more difficult (though not impossible) to start a location independent business from scratch, without money, so the right moment or situation to start a location independent business is when you have a constant flow of income, and you don't really need it yet. Once there is emergency, you may not need the time that it takes your new business model to earn you money. So if you already got some source of income, or saving, and you're not in an emergency yet, than it's you we're talking to (and to anyone else that listens of course).

A location independent business sells to many or all countries in the world, and doesn't get affected by a crisis in one or two countries.

As the owner, or CEO of a location independent business you may live wherever you want, you can even change your place of residence regularly, as your business can be managed through a laptop or even a smart phone. While your location independent business is making you money, you can spend a lot of your time with whatever you want: be with your family, explore the world, do farming, charity, or work a boring job, or do a location dependent business as well.

A location independent business generates necessarily partly or fully passive income. The best way to be completely free, is to let the system work instead of you, and depend less and less on selling your own working time. 

If you manage to break out of the cycle of selling your own time, your earning capacity becomes limitless, because the only limited resource is your time, other peoples time is virtually limitless. The best way to make a lot of money with a location independent business, is to sell other peoples time, or some kind of automatism, that doesn't even require peoples time at all. If you achieve this, you can stay at home with the family, do farming, do a boring job, or a location dependent business, cause in the background, your location independent passive income will keep earning money for you. 

How can we make this happen for you?

As a consulting company evolved from an international law firm, we can help you turn your idea of a location independent business into reality, or we can fine tune your existing location independent business to generate you more money. We are not going to help you what business activity to choose. Wether it is dropshipping, print on demand, online courses, AI, our role is to support you in stepping to the next level with your existing idea.

What is the next step?

First, you gotta tell us briefly about your business, or business idea, and tell us, what exactly do you think you need help with. You can book a consultation here. We won't charge you for the first time, as we want to understand wether or not we want to get involved in your project. If we believe that we can really contribute to your success, we'll give you a quotation.