How to set up a crisis resistant, low cost, low tax company to boost your success?


Many clients come to us saying they wanna set up a company in Dubai, the U.S., Estonia, Romania or Hungary, or an other low tax country where we operate in. Interestingly, most of them don’t do any research which country may be more suitable for them, before coming to a conclusion where they want to set up a company. 


The information out there, that you may find on the internet, is mostly not complete, biased and it’s only aim to get your attention or take your money. Of course an agency specialized in Dubai company formation will tell you the best country to set up a company is the U.A.E. This is valid for every other countries local agencies.


Detre Varga & Partners LLP. has started offering company formation services in multiple countries after working for years with the top echelon of businessmen from those countries. We are not biased to sell you a company formation in one country or the other, as we have a selection of the best destinations in the world, to set up your company, and our best interest is to turn you into a content customer that refers other clients to us, and the best way to do that is to support you in the right choice.


So the best thing instead of trying to figure out yourself, where you want to incorporate, is to get us involved, and figure out together with the vast expertise of our professionals. 


You can gather informations from multiple sources, and we’re trying our best to share the most updated, unbiased and complete information. General information however, is not necessarily applicable 100% to your situation, so before coming to a decision, take your time to consult with us.


You can book a paid consulting session here, to get an idea, which country may be the most suitable for you to set up a company. Also, don’t think you can gather some free crumbles of informations from various places and make the best choice. Such an attitude would risk you taking a worse option you possible could. If paying 100 EUR for a consulting session is an issue for you, we truly advice you free of charge, that you should postpone your company formation plans till you have some resources you can and want to invest in your own success.


This is your link to a consulting session with a professional in international company formation.


If you’re mind is already made up to form a company in one or an other country, check the list below so you can take a shortcut to company formation to that specific country, and you’ll be assisted by our colleague that has got the most expertise in that country:

Dubai company formation


U.S. company formation


Estonian company formation


Hungarian company formation