You might wonder, how can anyone tell you anything new under the sun with respect to real estate investments.


Real estate developpers or agencies located in one specific country are biased to sell you their stock, their portfolio, and convince you that your best interest is to buy in that given country. 


Some decades ago, it would have been much more difficult for you to buy real estate in an other country than your own. Today, with the right international network, you can buy a property in literally any country of the world. 


Therefore, even though country specific agencies and developpers are useful, once you’ve made your decision, the first question is, which country is the most worth investing in. This decision is actually quite significant. 


People invest in AirBNB in countries with a 6 months season, being ignorant of the fact, that in many other countries, the season lasts 10-12 months. They don’t even bother to think, that they could double their income by swapping their property to an other one in an other country. Some countries tax real estate property till infinity, sooner or later collecting the whole purchase price bit by bit in taxes, while in other countries, real property is tax free. Some countries have some issues, that lead to deterioration of general life quality and the real estate market within less than 10 years, a very short time in terms of real estate investment. Having said these, it’s clear, that the right decision is game changing. You can’t trust yourself on agents that are biased, and are interested in selling you one specific country, and none other.


Detre Varga & Partners is not a real estate agency, even though we have a trusted and long time network with the top tier developpers and many agents with a vast portfolio in many countries. What we’re good at, is to absorb and share knowledge and insider informations of different venues, where you might want to invest in, and manage the procedure of a transaction from A-Z through our local partners. 


Our three most popular destinations




Dubai is probably the worlds safest and fastest developping real estate market, with a 12 months short term lease season, excellent return on investment, and a trustworthy government that won’t lead the country into turmoil through financing some war far away, or imposing backfiring sanctions on other countries and their citizens. But Dubai has even far more to offer than this: it is te country, where any foreigner can get a bank loan up to 80% of the value of the purchased property, while developpers offer off plan deals with payment details for up to 5 years even. In Dubai, people can achieve buying their own property, who don’t have a chance to buy a property even in their own country. 


North Cyprus


Due to cool political climate between the EU and North-Cyprus, the real estate market of this mini state in the mediterranean had been undisturbed by european buyers for decades. One day, the largest developpers put their feet on the island, and the market exploded. The larger developpers were followed by smaller, until the whole food chain of the international real estate market has landed on the shore of this beautiful paradise. Property prices are increasing at an incredible pace, and they’re still more affordable than other mediterranean real estate markets of much lower quality. In Cyprus, you’re getting more for your money, a better price value ratio, in a better place.


The reason why this island is one of it’s kind, is the turkish mindset, that really supports doing real estate business. We saw examples of 5 years payment instalments without any interest or adjustment to inflation, and we saw our clients getting tens of thousands of extras for free, in a bargaining procedure with the sellers.


One of the great advantages, that North Cyprus is not a member of the EU, and anyone with enough cash to start a payment plan, is welcome, without being asked where his money is from. In a period, when so called western states are persecuting citizens of Iran, Russia and other countries, because of the politics of their governments, such a welcoming attitude results in a mass influx of buyers, which drives the market to unimaginable summits.


An other feature of North Cyprus, that it’s the only island in the mediterranean, which is free from illegal migrants. For some reasons, the sea doesn’t wash boat loads of migrants ashore in North Cyprus, whereas they arrive by the thousands on other islands, even the south, greek part of the same Cyprus. North Cyprus welcomes anyone who is legal, and shows respect to it’s laws, but illegals are absolutely not welcome. This is a unique advantage to investors, who are irritated by african and bangladeshi illegal migrants harassing them on the beach and in towns in other european countries to buy bracelets, sunglasses or other trash. 




Hungary is one of the post communist, less developped countries of the Schengen Area in the EU. It’s real estate market comes with slightly lower price tags than other countries of the area (Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria), but the prices are slightly increasing. 


This country has beautiful historical and natural resources, and fun to visit, but the greatest advantage is for rich foreigners, who may literally buy a 10 years residency through owning a property of at least 500.000 EUR in value. 


Yes, wealthy third country citizens, no matter where they’re from (Hungary doesn’t mind russians and iranians either) don’t need to invest into risky business, or state bonds, it’s enough to purchase a property for at least 500 k, and a 10 years residency with a full pass to all Schengen countries is thrown at them, befoe they even buy the property.


As opposed to other countries, where residents shall stay most of the time in a year in the country of the residency, Hungary doesn’t care if you don’t spend a single day in it’s territory, until you keep your property. 


This generous offer comes with an added bonus, an extremely favourable environment of real estate taxes. Real estate ownership is one of the cheapest in Hungary, with almost no real estate taxes, and almost tax free income from short term lease. 


In addition to these advantages, Hungary also offers a safe haven from illegal migration. The countries permanent government (ruling for 12 years without an end any time soon) is at constant war with the EU for it’s anti migration policy, thanks to which Hungary is clean from unregistered, illegal and aggressive hordes of migrants, who have no intention whatsoever to blend in european culture. 


In any of the aforementioned three countries you may find a real estate investment, and keep it too. Most likely all three locations will keep their charm and benefits in the long run. 


How does Detre Varga & Partners LLP. work?


If you’re interested in buying a property in any of the three most popular locations, contact us for a free consultation, and see what we have to offer through our vast network in these countries.


Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll guide you through the process from A-Z.