If you live in a third world or a low tier country, you wanna have multiple residencies, to allow you to move, stay and live in multiple developped countries. In fact, if you live in any country, you may need multiple residencies at one point of your life. As a general rule of thumb in immigration law, staying a maximum of 3 months is pretty easy in any country, unless you come from a country, that has got very bad visa accessibility (including many African and Asian countries). However, once you want to cross the 3 months threshold, you’ll need a residency, a legal title to stay in that country.


A U.S. residency allows you to stay in any of the 50 states of the U.S. An EU residency grants you full access to 27 so called Schengen countries, and many more countries, which have bilateral agreements with the EU. An Emirates (U.A.E. to be more exact) residency offers you a pass to many countries as well. By obtaining one or more of these types of residencies, you gain access to multiple countries with one document. 


The most common types of residencies that you may wanna have, in developped countries, are the following:


Residency by investment or wealth


The easiest way to access a country is through wealth. Many western states attract foreigners offering them a residence permit if they possess a certain amount of cash, or invest a certain amount in a country, into real estate, state bonds etc.


Since Detre Varga & Partners LLP. has got offices in several western countries and continents, and we need to serve the needs of the top echelons of the global society, where our clients come from, we have the knowledge of the up to date know-how to get a residency by investment, and we also have the network to get it done the fastest.


We have a proven track record of obtaining E.U., U.A.E. and U.S. residence permits, through our team of immigration lawyers and consultants.


Residency by business


In some countries, there is a hack to get a residency without having a high net worth or investing significant amount of money, by simply setting up the right type of company in the right country.


Almost every developped country offers residency in theory to company owners and/or CEOs. However, most of them are a dead end street, and you’ll only waste your money and time trying. 


Detre Varga & Partners LLP. offers company formation services on three continents, and thanks to our vast experience, we know the actually viable countries to get a business residency.


That being said, don’t fool yourself into believing, that any developped country that will grant you a residency by simply setting up a company. In most countries you’ll need a feasible business business plan written according to the taste of that specific immigration office. Even though you’ve got a business degree from an african or asian university, you probably won’t be able to write a business plan that’s expected by a specific immigration officer, so you’ll need local help.


On the other hand, many countries also require some track record of your business, that you need to generate before you try to get a residency. A company with zero invoices, incomes, contracts won’t convince them, and yes, you’re right, it’s very difficult to generate track record while you’re stil sitting in your country of origin. It’s difficult but not impossible, because many developped countries we operate in, actually let you manage your company remotely. 


Residency by employment


If you’re interested in relocating to a country as an employee in the beginning, before figuring out how to become independent or how to grow further, the easiest way to get a residency is by finding a job. Howeverm developped countries are developped countries because there are much more applicants than there are jobs. 


Most HR agencies advertise fake jobs, to raise databases, to spam people or to deceive a client that they’re actually doing something. In many countries, getting an employee residency seems viable, but in reality, it doesn’t work, due to bureaucracy, xenophobic immigration officers, or too high number of illegal immigrants that the state needs to do something with, and they will give your position to these illegals, just to keep them occupied.


Detre Varga & Partners LLP. has an international network of employers, that are looking for skilled workers, so if you’re interested in getting hired, you can contact us. Make no mistake, most degrees and educational backgrounds most of you have, is completely useless and not needed by anyone. Developped states don’t need an other african or asian with a uni degree in economics, business, social sciences or arts. Even if your degree is high value in your country of origin, it may be valueless in a developped country. Backward countries are backward also because their education is worth nothing in the eyes of developped countries.


The easiest way to get hired is if you can produce something, create some product in a factory or at a construction site. The spoiled, degenerate youth of developped countries rather spend an other 5 years at the mama hotel, than doing some job like that. If you’re skilled at something, you may contact us, but if you’re not, you better take your time and learn how to lay floor tiles, do carpentry, welding, or driving a forklift. Don’t forget also, that being skilled doesn’t come with completing a weekend course. Companies will find the way to test you before they even agree with you, and if you try to deceive them, you’re only wasting your time. 


Cost of getting a residency


Immigration is un unfair market: if you’re from a rich, developped country, you’ll access residency to an other rich, developped country easier, even though you need a local professional. However, if you’re from a low tier country, or a country that the country of destination regards as low tier or third world, it will cost you anywhere between 2.500-25.000 EUR to get a quality residency.


If you’re a skilled worker, the price tag would be 2.500 EUR, because some company needs you in a developped country.


If you’re a business owner, CEO, freelancer, but don’t have enough money for a higher tier residency (by investment or by wealth) you’ll pay around 5.000 EUR, for a residency of 1 years, that you need to prolong every one or two years for about 1.000 EUR. 


If you’re a wealthy individual from a third country, you’ll buy a high tier residency for 20.000-25.000 EUR.


You can ask, why the hell anyone spends so much money on a higher tier residency, when you can simply set up a company in the right way and get a 1 year residency.


The reason is, that as a business owner, it’s much more complicated and longer to get a 1 year residency, and if you don’t take care of your company’s figures the right way, you won’t be able to prolong it, and you may end up illegal with a rejection in a residency prolongation case. Also, as a lower tier residency holder, the country of destination would check if you stay most of the time in that given country, so you can’t just hang around wherever you want. 


Rich people don’t like waiting, and uncertainty, and they don’t like to be restricted to the country issuing their residency in most of the time. Instead, many of them just buy their residency in one country, and live their easy life in an other (where it would be more difficult to get a residency). 


Therefore, there is high demand for every type of residency, as clients come from every wake of society. One good advice, that be frank with yourself, and if you don’t even have a couple tens of thousands of EUR don’t pose as a business owner, and if you don’t have a couple hundreds of thousands, don’t call yourself an investor cause you aren’t. It’s much straightforward to position yourself at the right level, and work your way to the top step by step. 


It’s important to hold yourself accountable.


There is no simple hack, shortcut or easy way. People who make themselves believe that, end up among the hundreds of thousands that get rejected. The immigration offices are specialized to filter applicants that don’t have any value in their eyes. It’s an arrogant approach to think that you can deceive them, because they are trained to recognize fakers and immigration scammers. Once you stupidly collect a rejection, it stains your track record and it stays there forever. So if you believe, that you’ve find the easy or cheap way, take a step back and check yourself. This is how failing begins.


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