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About ongoing cases, you receive updates in the form of a shared cloud in Dropbox. You receive scanned copies of all documents, and informations in a so called workflow diary, that contains all planned and actual events, informations, news of the workflow of the project. Parallelly, all projects are opened a Viber Group Chat, to which we add you, and this is the primary platform to share informations and discuss smaller details within the legal team, with you on board. If you need further appointment, you may book it here. 

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We provide you with free case evaluation in any legal matter. The reason is, that before our cooperation starts, you may not be aware of the legal directions, chances of your case, which makes it difficult to go into a cooperation with us. Therefore, we provide you with the free evaluation of your case, that is needed to decide, whether, when and how you want to proceed cooperating with us. Free case evaluation is free, and you assume no obligation to work with us any further. Depending on the nature of the case you may receive a feedback from us in written form, or we simply call you online.