DETRE VARGA & PARTNERS LLP. is a new generation international law firm established in 2012. (it’s predecessor was founded two years earlier, in 2010.). It’s organizational novelty was that unlike classical, corporate law firms, partner lawyers could retain their legal and financial sovereignity, while they teamed up behind dr. Detre Varga, the managing partner of the office. Accepting legal and financial independence of his partners (allowing them to pursue also their own projects outside the partnership) was not regarded as a lack of control, but as a gesture of respect to his partners and the Profession, and attracted highly trained and experienced legal experts on his side. The first partner lawyer was his father, real estate legal expert, head of one of Hungary’s regional bar associations, practicing since 1986. Former judges, legal experts of the tax office, and other professionals joined him as partners, forming one of the toughest striking force in the legal field. An other novelty introduced by him in 2018., was an online system, that has allowed partner lawyers and the whole staff of the law firm to cooperate fully online, without being bound to local computers and a physical office. Home office and flexible working hours were introduced, which has proved to be a huge advantage to attract and keep the best professionals in the legal field, offering the opportunity to have a life, and more humane working conditions than larger, foreign owned law firms. 



Dr. Detre Varga has designed the law firms signature product, the Business Resident Program based on more than a decade of expertise in consulting foreign businessmen, travellers, investors, students and all kinds of people in Hungary. In the course of the past decades, he has had his share of travelling and learning other countries, and had the opportunity to wonder and observe the true benefits of Hungary a little bit with an outsiders eye. The Business Resident Program is destilled from the experience thanked to everyone, that worked before with Detre Varga &