DETRE VARGA & PARTNERS LLP. is a new generation international law firm established in 2012. (it’s predecessor was founded two years earlier, in 2010.). It’s organizational novelty was that unlike classical, corporate law firms, partner lawyers could retain their legal and financial sovereignity, while they teamed up behind dr. Detre Varga, the managing partner of the office. Accepting legal and financial independence of his partners (allowing them to pursue also their own projects outside the partnership) was not regarded as a lack of control, but as a gesture of respect to his partners and the Profession, and attracted highly trained and experienced legal experts on his side. The first partner lawyer was his father, real estate legal expert, head of one of Hungary’s regional bar associations, practicing since 1986. Former judges, legal experts of the tax office, and other professionals joined him as partners, forming one of the toughest striking force in the legal field. An other novelty introduced by him in 2018., was an online system, that has allowed partner lawyers and the whole staff of the law firm to cooperate fully online, without being bound to local computers and a physical office. Home office and flexible working hours were introduced, which has proved to be a huge advantage to attract and keep the best professionals in the legal field, offering the opportunity to have a life, and more humane working conditions than larger, foreign owned law firms. 


The law firm addresses company owners, freelancers, investors, real estate owners, businessmen and family members of foreign citizenship -both EU and non EU- in Hungary, and provides them services in english, german, french, chinese and turkish language. 

In 2020. the law firm has celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. The story of a community is an important part of it’s identity. 




Separating from the family based law firm operating since 1986., and moving permanently to Budapest, dr. Detre Varga registers his first law office at the Budapest Bar Association, in the historical judicial quarter, near the majestic building of the Supreme Court. A district, where most property owners and tenants are lawyers and law firms. In this period, he teaches criminal law for more than 4 years at ELTE Law School, Hungary’s 365 years old university of law. He has completed PhD absolutorium, and has yet to defend his dissertation (scientific title) in criminal law, titled „responsibility of corporate management in criminal law”. 




The law firm becomes international, when one of the managing partners of a family based turkish international law firm, Balkanli Legal enters into partnership. Offices in Ankara, Istanbul and North Cyprus join. The turkish legal team lines up behind a large hungarian corporation facing the turkish state (ministry of energy) to get it’s served contracors fees for a power plant project in Kangal, Turkey. Dr. Detre Varga, fluent turkish speaker, finds himself at the table of negotiatons, and with time, litigations. This is going to be one of the epic successes of the law firm, but in 2011. it seems to be a battle without hope. While he spends more time abroad then at home, he says, both teaching and being a lawyer would require a full person, and therefore declines an invitation to become a full time professor, and decides not to defend his PhD thesis, letting go his career as a teacher of law. At the university, saying no to such opportunity means closing the door forever. 




The law firm gains insight into industry. Hungary’s leading steel structure manufacturer and NATO supplier involves the legal team into reviewing it’s orders and framework agreements with the largest brands of the world: Caterpillar, Liebherr, Terex-Fuchs, Sennebogen. JCB. Dr. Varga travels with the CEO of the company to many countries to discuss orders, agreements and visit factories, where the dinosaurs of the heavy machine industry are made. The law firm continues operations under the brand name DETRE VARGA & PARTNERS LLP. In compliance with a new law, hundreds of thousands of hungarian companies need to re-draft their articles of incorporation and submit it to court. The law firm processes more than 1.200 company modifications with 10 staff in less then two weeks. 




Under the inspiration of an oxford professor of law, dr. Varga visions that legal services shall become fully online in the future. Being of an other generation he uses smart phone for the first time, and begins to understand the opportunites for the law firms, if it applies mobile devices in it’s services. He starts to invest his own profit share into development of apps and softwares to revolutionize online lawyers services, as explained by aforementioned professor. By the end of the year, the first version of the future TQM software of the law firm is born. Partner office in Tallinn, Estonia officially joins.





The law firm gains a name and respect from foreign consulates operating in Hungary, and hungarian consulates operating abroad. One third of clients of foreign citizenship receive recommendation from a consulate. A crisis of labour force strikes Hungary, as young hungarian graduates move away from the country to other EU countries, for higher salaries. For many foreign citizens though, Hungary is an attractive destination to start a career. The law firm starts to consult clients and employers in immigration cases, focusing on work permit, and business residency for foreign businessmen. 




Partner office in Bucharest, Romania officially joins. Company formation becomes the most trending project for foreign clients. The reason is both low taxes and business residency. With partner offices in Romania and Estonia, the law firm can offer company formation services in more european countries.




The epic battle, started in 2011. as the first joint operation between the turkish and hungarian legal team, is won with a defeat of the turkish ministry of energy on turkish territory, at the Commercial Court of Ankara, the turkish capital. The turkish ministry is found by the brave judge to have acted unlawful towards the hungarian contractor. 

After the tax benefits offered by estonian (0%) and romanian (1-3%) company formation, the law firm turns to a legal field, that’s disliked by most lawyers: tax law. Dr. Varga realizes it’s vital importance and enters an academy for tax advisors, as only student with legal background, everyone else being an auditor or an accountant. From his classmates from the academy he recruits a professional tax team, integrating it into the law firm since then. 




A medium sized law firm numbering 100 partner lawyers enters into the partnership. The head of the firm and his wife pay a personal visit. At this point, DETRE VARGA & PARTNERS LLP. numbers only 10 partners lawyers. The cooperation of the large team of chinese lawyers remains mainly air support, and referential. In the coming years they provide recommendations to chinese businessmen that become clients at the hungarian office. A chinese resident of Budapest is appointed as contact person. 




As turkish-hungarian relationships improve further, Turkey opens an agency of the Prime Ministry in Budapest, to look after cultural projects. The agency trusts the law firm with reviewing and following up the legal process of the sponsorship granted by the turkish government to the hungarian, to renovate Gül Baba Türbe, one of the most famous muslim sites of pilgrimage, found in Budapest. The 4 million EUR grant is used contractually by the hungarian party, and as any renovations of historical sites, is liked by many, and criticised by many other. The consulting agreement  between the law firm and the turkish agency under the Prime Ministry continues.




The law firm is trusted with the setup and support of a korean project company meant to cover a 430.000 m2 battery plant in Komarom, Hungary, with a roof. The project is the largest european battery factory to manufacture parts for electric automobiles, using a budget of 600 million EUR. The korean project company, known world wide for it’s expertise in roofing solutions, faces an unexpected situation, an aggressive pricing for insulation materials on the european market, and a lack of stock. Through connections of the turkish partner, the law firm recommends a turkish source, organizes and supervises the delivery of the sufficient insulation material from 2000 km on sea and land, allowing the contractor to cover the mammoth plant with roof on time. 




Partner office in Pakistan joins the law firm, after a meeting in turkish Cyprus between head of the pakistani law firm, also a university professor in Cyprus, and dr. Varga. The pakistani partner appoints a representative to the law office in Budapest. The asian country at the foot of the K2 Himalaya, the worlds second highest peak, is a theatre where China and the U.S.A. compete for business opportunities. As a crisis of skilled labour deepens in Europe, pakistani skilled workers are more and more looked for. The law firm provides immigration consulting, about work permit, visa and residency to employers and employees. At the same time, with the cooperation of the law firm, hungarian companies manage to source products and materials directly from Pakistan, leaving out german and britihs intermediary traders and their profit shares, buying at competitive prices. As the COVID19 pandemic hits in, Pakistan becomes a source of latex gloves, masks and other health care equipments. In the end of the year, the law firm invests in an online accounting firm, integrating accounting and tax consultancy for small businesses in its services.




The steel structure manufacturing plant mentioned in 2012., invests and opens a training institutes for welders in Sialkot, the largest industrial centre of Pakistan, the first state approved welding school in the country also accepted by EU standards, and owned in majority by a european industry. The law firm -involving the pakistani legal team- consults, organizes, supervises, and is trusted with the immigration and work permit consulting for graduates of the school, offered positions at steel industries across Europe.

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