Book an appointment to discuss, in what you exactly need assistance service

As frequent travellers, we know how helpful a local person is abroad, to get the simplest things done. To assist you in everyday to-do-list, we have developped an assistance service for our clients. All matters in which we help you is impossible to list, but we can give some examples:

These and many more tasks are either handled by our junior staff, or other service providers that we work with, often our clients, and that we can recommend based on previous cooperation. One of our colleagues will follow up the task, and if necessary, provide instructions, air support to the person assigned to get it done. These services are either provided at a fix rate, agreed before the cooperation, or at an hourly rate, for 20 EUR / hour, often specifying capped fees (hourly rates with a maximum amount). 

These services are reserved to our clients, who are by definition persons, who are or were in cooperation with us in any legal service. 

Buying a SIM card, gifts, reserving a table at a restaurant, organizing technical details of a meeting, renting an apartment, subscribing for utility services or opening a bank account are not legal services strictly speaking, but they will consume your time, that you need to focus on your legal projects. Our english speaking colleagues are at your disposal in whatever you need assistance. Assistance services are charged with a fixed rate, to be agreed for every specifi case, or an hourly fee of 20 EUR / hour, depending on the case.