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Book your appointment for a personal consulting session one on one with an expert. Your booking will appear in our calendar immediately, and one of our colleagues gets in touch with you very soon, to clarify the details. By the time your appointment comes, you'll be assisted by a legal expert, that is familiar with your case.

Classical legal consulting means listening to your narrative, gathering relevant informations, and answering your questions, or providing you with an insight by a legal expert. Our consulting services are provided by specialized legal experts with 10+ years of practice in law. Professional legal consulting comprises of 5 standard elements:

  1. Listening to your case, story, and questions.
  2. Gathering and evaluating additional sources of informations (documents, data)
  3. Getting a deeper insight into your position in the case and your interests, objectives.
  4. Questions, asked you by the legal expert.
  5. Giving you an evaluation, answers, insight, conclusions in verbal or written form. 

Consulting fee is 100 EUR for the first hour, and 20 EUR for every additional started 15 min. This pricing includes preparation in your specific inquiry too. 

Legal consulting typically takes place on Viber or Whatsapp, but we also use Wechat, Messenger, Signal, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Circuit or Teams on your individual request. 

Legal consulting forms a part of every single legal project, if you look at it's 5 standard elements listed above. However, in some cases, legal consulting is not part of a legal project, but it is The legal project. Below we try to list a few typical questions, that can be discussed effectively on a consulting session. 

"How is a certain scenario taxed? Can it be slightly modified to be taxed a bit more favourably?"

"What type of company should I set up? A Kft.? A Bt.? An Rt.? What is the relevant difference for me actually?"

"What type of residency should I apply for? What choices are there? Which residency's terms and conditions are easier to fulfil for me?"

"What should I answer to this letter / decision / decree / document?"

"I have not received payment on time, what are my options for debt collection?"

"I'm a foreigner, how does the procedure to get a permission to buy a property affect an actual real estate transaction? How should I set the payment terms with the seller? Can I pay down payment before I get the permission?"

"I want to start a business for an activity, but I don't know if it requires any permission, special terms or conditions, specifications, and how it is going to be taxed."

As you see in above cases, the questions always imply that the client has got a plan, or plans in their mind, but can't step forward, because of the lack of legal knowledge. In such a case, legal consulting with us is extremely useful. In some cases decisions can determine a process for months, or even years, and also a lot of money is at stake. Our consulting services are available within a very short time, online, and we can arm you with the knowledge from law.