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There is three types of legal frameworks in which we can cooperate with you.




You can trust a single project on us, whether it be legal consulting in a topic, or us representing you at a court, an authority or elsewhere.




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Our consulting approach is hands on, tailored to the needs of foreign clients in 10 years. The first occasion is free of charge, and aims to summarize the situation, about which you need our consulting service, your goals, objectives, and our standpoint, whether and how we may help you. 


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A typical standard consulting session will be held online, one on one, between you and a legal expert with 10+ years. When you book your appointment, our colleague will call you within the same day, sometimes within an hour, to clarify the details and receive some informations to prepare for the topic. You can specify the topic, answer some questions about it or share some documents, files, so that the lawyer is prepared by the time you have your consulting session. Legal consulting services cost 15 EUR / every started 15 min. Payments shall be made at booking.


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Informations about ongoing projects are updated in real time in Dropbox (a cloud like google drive and others) that you’re provided access to, and every project has got a Viber group chat assigned to it, where you may ask anything from the legal team directly. If you need further consulting appointment about ongoing project, you shall book an appointment here. 




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A lawyer represents, or acts on behalf of his client in front of one or more third parties: courts, authorities, the state, partners, opposing parties, or any third party. The right to represent you in any matter is based on an authorization named „power of attorney”, that you provide us in written form (sometimes printed hard copy is required, sometimes a digital one is enough). A „power of attorney”, also referred to as POA is then submitted to the forum where we represent you, and when the third party(ies) receive it, we can start acting as your lawyers. We charge legal representation a fixed, project based fee, or an hourly fee, or a mixed version of this too. When hourly fees are applied, we charge 5 EUR / every started 15 min for our staff below bar exam (trainee lawyers, clerks, supporting personnel), 10 EUR / every started 15 min for our staff with bar exam, and 15 EUR / 15 min for our staff with bar exam, a specialization and 10+ years of experience. When we quote for a new project, we design a model workflow, cut it up to pieces, and assign every task to a level of our staff that’s required by it. A significant portion of a project can be handled by bar certified lawyers below 10 years of experience, or even staff below bar exam (time killing infield work, administration), backed up by experts as air support. The reason, why we apply resources mindfully, is that they are scarce: both your budget to a project is limited, and both our time is limited, so we try to use it optimally. 


For every new project we open a folder in Dropbox, that we share with you. In it, you’ll find a workflow diary, where you can review the planned workflow (every task that’s planned, and the scheduled timing) and the events, that happened so far (both planned and unplanned, events, documents, relevant phone calls). The workflow diary is the primary source of planning and information. It gives you a sense of security, that a team of trained professionals is executing a plan, that was designed to reach your objectives. 


The legal team communicates with each other on Viber Group Chat, to allow quality control and tracking back informations when needed. In the beginning of the project, you’re simply added to this group chat, where you may follow up communication and even join it, asking questions, sharing informations contributing your own part to success. We believe that better results are reached when clients are also cooperating as supporting team members. 




A regular cooperation means that you’re a returning client, trusting projects time after time on us, but always pay as you go. Every regular cooperation starts with a single project, but once a cooperation reaches this point, it’s quality gets to the next level, as both you and us are familiar with each others personality, working methods, principles, which allows us to offer you more personalized solutions. Regular cooperation is charged with the same fees a single one.



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A continuous or permanent cooperation is one single agreement, one fixed monthly or quarterly price, and continuous support in all legal matters. The most common cooperation of this kind is a complexity of accounting and legal services to business owners, companies, freelancers. The monthly fee is starting from 100-200 EUR, and is fixed in the beginning for every following quarter based on your needs. Price is regularly discussed quarterly. 




Advance payments for all our services are requested. An advance payment is a certain part of the whole payment, fixed with you in when we first discuss the details. In smaller, less complex projects you may be requested to deposit 100% of the layers fees, usually when it makes no sense to split it up. In other cases, an advance payment may range anywhere between 30-70%. 


Longer, more complex projects may be split up to more shorter phases, to be paid for in details. Sometimes the reason why such a split up is required is in the nature of the project. We can win a case, but if the opponent party does not accept it’s defeat, it can submit an appeal, which requires us to get back in the ring again. When a case can have a second or a third round, we only charge you the first phase in the first phase, and proceed step by step.


The question, whether hourly fees or fixed rates are applicable, is a constant debate. A law firm always counts the hours, simply because time is a limited resource, both yours and hours. A fixed rate will never be less, than the time we need to put in it. However, we believe that we should not stress you with invoices and time counting at every corner of the way, when we’ve talked 10 mins on the phone, or spent 1 hour on the case. Therefore we always try to assess a fixed rate, and when at least 90% accuracy is impossible, we leave a little space for hourly fees, for specific cases that can’t be assessed precisely. A court may usually hold 3-4 sessions in a typical case, but if the opponent is highly skilled in time killing, it may lure the judge into holding 5-6 sessions. In Hungary you don’t need to physically go to the court, you can participate online and correspond even. Therefore, not every single new session is charged to you, but if something happens where we need to be there personally (hearing of an expert for example) it will be on you. 



Most of our clients come to us based on recommendation of others. May be we were recommended to you by someone, and next time you’ll recommend us to someone. You may ask yourself, whether we return that in any form, as you basically contribute to our success. The answer is yes and no. We don’t pay comission to anyone recommending us. We believe that such a case would not be a true recommendation any more, but a promotion service. We may as well advertise our services in television if we wanted to. We actually always want to have true recommendations from the heart, without any return, or expectation, to get a feedback how we are doing our job. Many people that meet us, recommend us, even opponents some times (after being defeated), and policemen, judges, officers at different authorities, even other lawyers. You can recognize quality, whether you’re a client, a judge or an opponent. Next time next case and you may recommend someone to us. 


We don’t return recommendations, but if we have the opportunity, we express our gratitude. An honest feedback in the form of a recommendation is really appreciated by us. We ask every single client how they found us. If someone recommended us, we say thank you when we have the opportunity, and if we can help them, we will remember, and in such form, give something in return. The only difference between a counter service and gratitude is that the deadline and content of gratitude is not specified.