Discuss your ongoing project with us

If you've got an ongoing cooperation with us, here you can book an appointment for a shorter or a more in depth discussion, consulting session. Your booking will appear in our calendar, and we'll get in touch with you very soon. At the selected appointment, you'll be consulted by the legal expert, who is assigned to your project.

A certain number of consulting spots are included in every cooperation with us. Additional, extra consulting shall be charged standard consulting fee, that is 25 EUR for every started 15 min. In many cases, our clients find answer to their question without paying for extra consulting in the Cloud shared with them, or get their question answered in the Group Chat. 

The Cloud

At the beginning of our cooperation we provide you access to the folder of your project in a cloud based database. Any documents, informations, files that arrive, are sent, or made are uploaded to this folder immediately. The designed workflow of your project, with a planned time schedule, and the dates when steps of that workflow (or anything relevant to the project) were actually realized, are summarized in a unique file called a Workflow Diary. Every line of this table stands for a planned, or unplanned event of the project. From the Workflow Diary, you can always see, what workflow is happening, has happened and is expected to happen. You may see, when a step was planned, and when it was realized actually. 

Group Chat (GC)

GC allows our legal team to ask for and share short information in a platform, that is recountable. Adding you to this group chat, you can ask questions, updates, that you could not receive from the shared folder in the Cloud, and will receive an answer from a member of the legal team, that's participating in your project, as soon as they see your question. 

Contact person

If you prefer keeping in touch on the phone, or through voice call, it's all right. In this case, we'll assign a contact person to your project, that shall gather informations and update them day to day, to be able to provide you with information, when you need. 

Personal consulting session

At an online law firm, "personal" means a one on one voice call or video chat with you, by the legal expert assigned to the task, or personally requested by you. However, if you prefer more personal "personal" consulting sessions, you may book an appointment to one of our offices, to a real, physical location. In some cases, this is a must, as physical documents shall be signed, exchanged, or payments are made in cash. But any time you feel more appropriate, or confidential, this option remains open. What you need to bear in mind, that some of our colleagues may be travelling, or working on projects out of office, which causes a longer time span to schedule personal meet ups. We try our best to provide competent staff at our bases and headquarters at all times. Personal appointment cost 100 EUR for the first started hour, and 50 EUR for every following started hour.