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While you're still thinking, evaluating, researching, browsing, watching videos of the topic, your competition has sealed an other box of product and sent it to the market, your market by Amazon.


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Hungary is an extremely advantageous location to start a company or a small business. It offers quick and easy company formation, low cost maintenance, residence permit and visa for foreigners, and an english speaking administration, fully manageable online. We combine these benefits for you with the access to the global market. Sell your products globally, and get tax clearance in Hungary.


These services are reserved for a few customers every year, depending on our free capacity, and the cooperations tyically go on for years.


We provide a package of expert services, in two fields:


From the laws side:


We design, register or develop a hungarian company or freelancing to be adaptable to global e-commerce markets, and we support operations continuously from legal side.


Our partner is Haris Sarfraz, renown e-commerce coach, specialized in hungarian e-commerce companies owned and managed by foreign shareholders. During the past 5 years he has helped hundreds of our clients to enter and conquer global e-commerce markets, with their own brands.


He contributes his share to your success:


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Our offer:

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